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New Home Page in Progress 4/11/2005
Checkout the new super duper dynamic database driven home page in beta...

Spook Halloween party III - Tarifa, 29/10/2005
Ok, it was just another excuse to put on makeup and wear a wig. Or a bin liner in Steves case. Afterwards the survivors headed into Tarifa and to that tuely scarey night club: Tanakas.
Scarey Pictures

Alex's Birthday - Tarifa, 9/10/05
A few Pics From Alex's birthday (shes 26), and a new photo album system from fotki. Shots in Tribu led to silly dancing in Mosquito followed by some hot window dance action from Alex and Simon in La Ruina. Adam stayed at home, to look after Max. Bless.

George and Lotties Wedding - Tarifa, 25/6/2005
George and Lottie have so many excellent family and friends, that they barely fit in the chapel. Luckily the Jacuzzi was big enough though. We half expected them to arrive by bicycle. Lottie looked stunning in her white dress with matching cycling shorts (only joking). Enjoy the photos.
STOP PRESS- extra photos from Lottie and Jeanne

Ben and Rocios Big NewYears Wedding - Tarifa, 31/12/04
Although Ben is Dutch, having a wedding and new years party combined was not to save money, but to have twice the fun. Several animals were roasted for the event, and many more were plastered. Checkout some of the stag event pics here, the wedding here and the huge pissup part 1 and huge pissup part 2 (Petes & Pauls pics to follow shortly). The photo server is a bit slow at the moment - they are working on fixing it.

Assorted Pics - Tarifa, Canos and Birmingham 2004
Ive been lazy and havent put any pics up for a while, so here is an exciting selection, including: Top Kiting Action featuring Me; Richards Birthday; Captain Chriss Birthday; Jeanette; Cathy; Jim; American Chris; Ester; Renaud; Marit; Steve and Lianne. But mostly Me. And food, for some reason. And a sunset, 'cos everyone loves a sunset. I dedicate these pictures to Lianne, who we all miss because now we just stay at home and get old. Check them out...

Marits Hen Night - Banus, 16/7/04
Girls behaving badly, including hot action from one of the Chippendales with impressive pole technique. Lianne and Marit were also no strangers to the pole. That night saw a 4 girls to a bed romp, I wish I had been there. Oh, and some nice canoeing before hand.
View a selection of X rated photos. Only $10 for instant access..

Renauds Stag Do - Banus, 15/7/04
If you saw a bunch of leery Swiss Rolls and English Tarts lurching around Banus, it was us. Unfortunately no camera during the best bit which involved our laps being danced upon, and pole dancing in the irish bar. To all the prostitutes we saw that evening, sorry, we are not that type of boys. We are way to stingy... Then on to some more serious fun, falling off a wake board which it turns out is a good hangover cure. View a selection of pictures

Sheba & Simons Wedding - Camelot Castle, 2/4/04
Jesters, Knaves, maidens, Romans, conjurers, and a baby dragon who pooed his pants were there to take part in this epic medieval wedding. It was like a scene from Black Adder, Sheba was Queeny and Simon was Baldric Flash. Hey Nonney Nonney.
View a selection of photos

Rob and Kirstens Leaving - Tribu, Tarifa, 14/3/04
Although everyone looks pretty happy about it, we shall be sad to see Rob and Kirsten leave, as we know they are going somewhere even better than Tarifa: Australia. Rob is buying a digital camera so he can send us back pictures of really big spiders, sharks, Kisrten sunbathing etc.
View a selection of pictures

Carnival Tarifa, 6/3/04
The annual festivities started at Jim and Cathy's house where anyone turning up without costume was made to wear Cathy's underwear. There was quite a queue to get in. Later we hit the carnival in the old town, where we proceeded to attract a series of strangely dressed nutters.
View a selection of photos

Halloween Tarifa, 31/10/03
An ugly crowd of monsters and evil witches joined in an orgy of depravity with a pumpkin, half a dozen plastic spiders and a tub of Vaseline.
Neville obviously doesn't need an outfit.
View a selection of pictures

Mikes 60th. Yatton, Bristol - 31/5/03
The first Hobbs family gathering which was not a wedding or funeral, although many burgers were cremated. I saw relatives I had never met before, and their grandchildren. Mike had a large white marquee erected for the occasion, which he will later make into a shirt large enough for him.View a selection of photos

Climbing in Betis 27/04/03
Betis is 10 minutes drive from Tarifa and has at least 200 excellent climbs from grade 3 to grade 8c. Most have shiny new bolts spaced 1 meter apart - lovely. If the climbing gets too difficult, there are loads of Moroccan trousers lying around, so you can change into some cleaner ones. Luckily Jeanette, Cathy and I din't need them.
View a selection of pictures

New Digital SLR test at Valdevaqueros. 21/4/03
Testing my new Canon EOS 10D SLR + trusty Canon f2.8 LD 70-200mm lens on the heroic kiters braving the beautiful but gusty conditions at Valdevaqueros: Matt, Rachel, Benrt, The Guy who looks like Gary & two game English lasses. You can use these pictures as long as long as the copyright is included. If you are interested in the hi-res original images email me.
View a selection of pictures

India Trip. 31/1/03 - 2/4/03 Itinerary:
14 days in Goa, Kitesufing with Rob & Tanya.
8 days of enemas in Mysore Ayuvedic Center.
30 days in Puna, Meditating & chanting old Cure songs.
7 days in Goa, recovering.

NEW-64 India trip pictures added to the digital photo album

Despite rumors to the contrary, Simon is alive and living in Tarifa, Spain. He didn't just go there because its the worlds windsurfing Mecca, oh no. He went because there's climbing, biking and cheap Pizza too. He is currently accepting guests at his Villa, amusingly daubed 'Hotel Hobbs', and unfairly given only 3 stars by Peter Strong - may his bed be the one with ants in.

Bad Taste in Facinas. Where do the transvestites, climbing accidents and an exhibitionists go on a Saturday night? Chris's house! View the Photos if you think you have the stomach (luckily there are none of me). And as Adam said to Adam: "Adam, you are such a tosser". Thanks Chris, Vini, Caroline and Carol for a truly entertaining experience. Steve->

view the quality pictures

Date:23/02/2002 - Venue: Tarifa
Mission: Become a Kitesurf Instructor!
The VDWS sent their finest instructors, Eric and Karsten, to whip us into shape. We learnt about keeping "Fahrt Wind", changing "Bug", and, most importantly, how to chat up "Frauline" in the night club afterwards.

Hours of fun can be had with one of these things. Its designed to pull you into the sky, which is, depending on your level of expertise, is a good thing. It is advisable to always go kite boarding with a partner who can hold onto your legs or, if that is not possible, can notify the coast guard. Always have spare lines, leash and underpants.

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Visit Simons amazing Digital Photo Gallery or checkout his CV.



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