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India Trip

31/1/03 10am Departure from Heathrow.
2 Degrees Celsius. The plane was delayed for 1.5 hours because they could not locate the BA de-icing machine to de-ice the wings. At 11:30 the pilot said bugger this, lets go anyway. So off we went. I had 30kgs of luggage (3 kites, a kite board, juggling clubs and 2 pairs of underpants). The BA limit is 23kgs. They charge 22.50 quid a kg over this. Luckily, I managed to blag an upgrade to club, which has a limit of 30kgs. Result!

Image censored

1/2/02 1:30 am Arrive Bombay Airport
Bombay airport is a stinking cesspit. After landing you queue up for about 1 hour to get through immigration. Then you queue up for 3 hours to get the transfer bus to the domestic terminal. You stand in a line with about 150 indians and 10x that many mosquitoes with no food, drink or video games. You get thrown of the bus at the Jet air Terminal, and you have to find the India Air Terminal in the dark with no signs whilst assorted Indian hoodlums try to sell you: Rooms, Taxis, daughters, sons, drugs and post cards.

1/2/02 9:00am Goa
Goa has hundreds of miles of perfect beaches, interrupted only by quaint fishing boats and the odd middle aged man in a thong. The beach shacks serve the best Indian food I have ever tasted - even better than Chutney Mary's on the old Kings Road. The Goan roads are all lined with small stalls, shops, cows and over 1300 restaurants. You can hire an Enfield Bullet (they still make them - who said dinosaurs were extinct) for 3 quid a day.
We had 12 days of perfect kiting weather, perfect in that the wind came up after breakfast at about 2pm. We used mainly 14m, with one excellent day of 12m. the wind is S/W onshore and pretty constant. We did some big downwinders from about 12km up the coast.
In the picture you can see sardines drying. Its like watching paint drying only smells worse.
More pictures of Goa...

15/2/03 Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center - Mysore
This seemed like a good idea at the time. The beautiful resort and excellent service belie the fact that you will receive enemas, leeches, ghee or, if you are lucky, curry for breakfast. The philosophy seems to be if it hurts, pour oil on it. Exercise, tea, cake and computer games are strictly prohibited. Mysore itself has some impressive palaces (see left) & its very own Guru who actually lives in a cave.


24/2/2/03 Osho retreat, Puna
Here you have to wear maroon robes, get your head shaved and smile a lot like you have been smoking too much weed. One eats veggie food, learns to meditate and takes part in daily ritualistic orgies. And they have a swimming pool.


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