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News 7/2/11 Michalina View pics
Ania's Mum came all the way to Tarifa not to kitesurf, but to help us with Sprog. We did the Guadalmesi walk, went to a party in Casares, saw Ronda by train, and changed nappies serveral times.

News Jan 2011 Granny & Grandad in Tarifa View pics
Grany and Grandad (aka Dad-dad) came to help us out so Ania could go back to work, instead of baking cakes and changing nappies. We visted the castle at castellar, did the Rio de Miel walk, and surfed. Of an evening, we tried to win our inheritence at poker, without much luck.

News 26/3/11 Kerry's 31 and leaving View pics
After a false alarm triggered by Cathy, Kerry got her surprise. And cake! Chris got so excited that he made a mess on the carpet. It is with great sadness that we see them leave Tarifa, but we wish them a fantastic life where ever they end up, be it Largos, Portsmouth or Slough. Subconsciously we know they wanted to stay, as they deliberately missed their flight home on Sunday, and punished themselves for leaving by spending the day in Gibraltar.

News 20/3/11 Tarifa Carnival 2011 View pics
Some say the poor turnout this year was due to the recent shark attacks. They certainly frightened Marina. Others say that it was because they could not compete with the pimps and their car. However, fun was had by all, especially Mathieu. Alcohol was provided my our ample monk, whos religions dancing will be seen shortly on film.

News 25/12/10 3 x Xmas in UK View pics
1st Xmas dinner was with Ewa, Gareth, Emilia and Anders in snowy Luton. A nostalgic trip to the Arndale shopping centre (now renamed "The Mall" presumably due to a nuclear accident)was followed by pushing Ewas car all the way home due to deep snow. Made us hungry for diner at least. Next we drove to Dads in Arctic conditions. The screen froze driving up the A1, and we crawled through blizzards to a petrol station, whos water supply was completely frozen also. The temperature must have been close to absolute zero. Luckily we had a break in the weather getting back down to Mums in Norfolk, where we ate raspberry and cream pavlova.

News 12/9/10 Mums holiday in Tarifa View pics
My mum had long ago given up hope of grand children, and blew the inheritance on cruises and farmville. So when Leah was born, they rushed out to help out with nappies, vomit, tiny clothes and generally reliving the glorious times when I was born. My folks are pretty fit, they went to the Gym every other day. To pick up Ania. We hiked up Rio de Mehl - River of Honey. Except there is no honey, but we did have cheese sandwiches.

News 12/11/10 Trip to Gran Canaria View pics
What an odd place. The South is chock full of bald gay guys repelling invading hoards of German pensioners. Every other establishment is either a gay bar or a sausage shop. Sometimes both. Luckily the Brits Abroad were represented by pubs like "Le Duke" and "The Benny Hill Bar", serving English food with English TV. Kiting was rubbish - the only beach which you can kite at is a barren rocky wasteland with no wind and not even a Bratwurst stand. However, the North West coast is stunning and un-spoilt, as are the craggy interior mountains. Both devoid of tourists who stick to the tiny artificial beaches like ants on a toffee. The Capital, Las Palmas, was a highlight, having miles of excellent beaches and restaurants.

News 30/7/10 Leah Zuzanna Hobbs is born View pics View New pics
Arriving at Gibraltar Hospital at midnight, Ania was already in a lot of pain with very strong contractions every four minutes. Our midwife, Jenny, immediately hooked her up to a seismograph, and the contractions were right off the scale. 3-4cm dilated, she was officially in the labour party. We were taken to a private room with everything you could want except internet access. After some serious pushing, the baby popped out and shot across the bed at 6:50am. Ania did not complain once. Mother and Baby are in the best of health. Leah has not cried yet, but that might be because she hasn't stopped feeding for long enough yet. Many thanks go to Jenny the amazing midwife, the fantastic staff in the Maternity ward, and the O'Hanlons for letting me stay at their fanatic apartment which is so close to the ward, I could hear the girls snoring. 7/10/10-new pics added

News 30/5/10 Hardcore Stag Action View pics
Foz chose to try and kill himself and all his friends to avoid marriage, but unfortunately it didn’t work. The Italian Alps were stunning, but somewhat lacking in strip bars. George came all the way from America, but unfortunately his luggage didnt. But it was ok because we lent him a pair of socks.

News 27/3/10 Kerry's 30th View pics
Pizza, Mojitos and a huge cream cake at Tribu - that's my idea of a dream birthday. Add to that an exciting teapot and Kerry could hardly contain herself. There was a lot of blowing for some reason.

News 11/4/10 Epic Norwary Road Trip Photos View all pics
Its taken nearly a year to prepare 600 from the 3000+ photos from our epic road trip through Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Checkout the best 200 if you don't have all day. Pete's old faithful Camel Trophy Land Rover, tricked out with handy sand ladders, laptop charger for Call Of Duty 2 and beer cooler survived a crash, oil leak and off road action (nothing like the SA trip then). It rained a lot in Norway. Did you know that Camels leak? Many thanks to Pete and Debby for taking me along, to Jacob & Miranda for showing us such hospitality, and Robert for showing us the (red) lights in Amsterdam
Church Door

News 27/2/10 Tarifa Carnival 2010 View pics
Angels and Demons, The Clockwork Orange, Vicky the Viking, Mini Mouse plays Rugby, Bob the Builder sponsored by Celltarga - This years carnival was totally intellectual and stuff. Also a great turnout by the team dressed as grumpy old men. If anyone finds my sunglasses let me know. Checkout carnival 09 too!

News 3/2/10 Sunny Weekend Action View pics
A weekend heatwave in an world of rain - we SUPped? it up in Bolonia, then headed down to do the classic Walk starting in Punta Paloma with loads of babies. Unfortunately, it became too muddy for the Girls footwear to bear.

News 1/5/09 Munich 09 View pics
Its taken a long time to develop these exotic shots of Botanical gardens, Girl Glamour Shoots, drinking beer in Englischer Garten, Surf in the City, carnival action, hot Thai food, boating on the lake, Schloss Nymphenburg (Nymph Hill Castle). Ania and Rob live in a great place. Oh, and we went skiing.

HalloweenNews 31/10/09 Ghost spotted in Tarifa View pics
Witches few in from as far and wide as Los Barrios, and Vampire Axe Wielding Werewolves from Hyderabad. They heard about the pumpkin soup, and two different types of cake. Its amazing how scary toilet paper and black bin bags can be when you put your mind to it.

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News 04/09/09 Mary and Bens Beautiful Wedding View pics
Preparation: Rare Tranquillity in the Focker house, Silkas parlour, beautiful bride, keep up Dad! No pics of Ben as he was out kite-surfing... view preparation pics.
Ceremony: Its was a nice day for a White Wedding in Iglesia San Fransicso. view ceremony pics.
Reception: Vente El Tito was stunningly decorated, and the Asian food amazing. One of the highlights was Mary's fathers speech. I wonder if Ben knew all that before he proposed? Pics now here!

Chris and Kerry Wedding, Arte Vida, TarifaNews 12/09/09 Chris and Kerry get Knotted View pics
Part 1: Chili fest. This was a warm-up party for Chris and Kerry's Big Day. The Oldies were on form and partied hard, we left before the police were called. With family rivalry at its peak, there was danger of a dominoes-off or worse - a sing song. view pics
Part 2: Wedding There were no Speeches, as Chris was too scared, so here is a posthumous one. Pics to come...
Part 3: Broomes 70th With such serious candle action, the Fire brigade were on standby. The birthday badge doubled as a drinks tray for the champagne View pics

Christine 40th, Tribu Playa, TarifaNews 26/08/09 Christine celebrates her late 30s View pics
Christine celebrates here late late 30s in style in Trubu Playa, and managed to grab some great swag. Ania, can I have a new SUP for my 50th? There was Pizza, cake and good friends. What more could you ask?

Banti, Cafe Del Mar, DanzzuNews 13/06/09 Banti Opening + Cafe Del Mar + Danzzu! View pics
Its that time of year again - when millions of sweaty tourists, surfers and project managers descend on the party capital of Alcornocales National Park and surrounding cork plantations. The Fly Cats were playing some serious guitar hero stuff in the garden, followed by Adams patio DJ action. Nine hours of partying was not enough for the Gibraltar posse - they started a naughty pool party in Sotogrande straight afterwards. Those pics to follow shortly...

Smion is 32News 31/05/09 Simon gets a surprise! View pics
After 13 hours of cross globe travelling, Simon and Pramod arrive home, weary and soiled, to open the door to a surprising throng of passing party Mexicans and Anias fabulous cake. It must have taken days to prepare, Ania you are the best. The hard core then went on to party down in Cafe del Mar, where we saw a black Michael Jackson and some serous Bollywood dance action from Pramod.

Tarifa Carnival 2009News 07/03/09 Tarifa Carnival 2009 View pics
The Pope sent a crack team of Nuns to convert the Wicked Fornicators, Saucy Devils, Evil Ladybirds, several Lady Boys, Elvis and possessed children. Unfortunately they got drunk instead. You can order magnificent photos of the event, or have the original files sent by CD directly to your cottage.

Rache 2009News 27/02/09 Rachel's Big Birthday View pics
Rachel, despite not looking a day over 25 and sometimes wearing boots with flames on, is now a Lady. The whole family were their wearing their spectacles. There was of course the usual party capers - dancing, eating cake and sitting down

El Renaud, Marit and Adam do it togetherNews 21/02/09 Renaud, Marit and Adam do it together View pics
Renaud, Marit and Adam celebrate getting old, and everyone comes to check out their mussels. Adam received an excellent present, a surf board made of hi-tech card. Looks like it will be good on the waves, although his paddle looks a bit floppy. Matthieu impresses us with his reserved dancing.

El Capitan Tiene 33 AnosNews 15/10/08 El Capitan tiene 33 anos View pics
There was a huge turnout for his Big Day, or for the Free Buffet. The glorious haul of gifts included combat pants and a picture frame. Kerry got a candle, but that's another story. Renaud was a bit wasted from the night before - that's what happens when you have kids. No one jumped into the swimming pool or passed out, unfortunately.

Anthony & Mariví WeddingNews 28/06/08 Anthony and Mariví get Married View pics
The registration took place in the red velvet clad town hall, and then proceeded to Casa Amarillo for wine, ham and cheese. A break of a few hours allowed the groom to go for a quick kite surf, then onto the sun set ceremony which took place in the palm tree surrounded lawns of Tres Mares. The magnificent outdoor reception was festooned with candles, carpets and sumptuous foods. And of course cake. Unfortunately I failed in my duty as the official photographer to capture all the important vents of the evening - I missed various members of the party falling in the pool fully clothed early in the morning.

Cathy & Jims Big WeddingNews 13/06/08 Cathy and Jim get Married View pics
Jim and Cathy and Buster got married in Tarifa. They had a beautiful blessing by Sylvia, which involved meditation, love, peace and lentils, with poetry reading by Jims Mum and a short speech from Sebastian. Rumour has it that Jim is changing his name to O'Hanlon. The reception was perfect: there was cake, dancing and Marina fell over and everything. Reception Pics Added
Cathy & Jims Reception

Cathy & Jims Big WeddingNews 07/06/08 Jim Stag View pics
It started well in Tribu, 50+ beers, 10+ pizzas, 2 rounds of Yaeger Meister and a free mojito from the lovely Danni. It got a bit messy outside Peppopotimus, where Chris showed us his jug swallowing technique. Luckily, I blew my entire evenings drink budget buying the round in Tribu, and only two people bought me drinks after that, so was pretty sober by the time the hard core survivors rocked up at cafe del mar at 5:30. It was closed. Renaud, Chris and Steve enjoyed an intimate night on our floor (pictures available on request). Adam, we are still waiting for the stripper... See also Stag Sailing Day.

Chefchaouen08News 5/05/08 Walking around Chefchaouen View pics
Caroline had the great idea of spending the bank holiday weekend on a make-it-up-as-you-go-along walking trip to Chefchaouen, Morocco. Unfortunately, all of Spain had the same idea, so there were no hotels to be had. Luckily, the taxi driver (haggled down from 700 to 600 from Tangiers) knew of one outside town, which only cost €14 complete with flooding single toilet. The next day we found a hostel with free 2 rooms in the centre of town, also with a single toilet blocked by a log of epic proportions. Walking through about 100 km2 of hash plants was interesting (we were told by the guide to take no photos, so we didnt). Bought a rug (as you do), and found the same one cheaper in Ikea (as you do).

Easter 08News 21/03/08 Samana Santa 2008 View pics
The Clu Clux Clan arrives in Tarifa, carrying Jesus and his mum. Jesus blesses our sausage, eggs and chocolate in Polish. On Sunday the 12 disciples of surf at them for breakfast with blessed pancakes. It was lovely.

Carnival 08News 16/02/08 Tarifa Carnival 2008 View pics
Marina (as Marina) and Ania (as Abdul) started the evening by scoffing all our booze. Jim (as a Butt Pirate) went home early. Simon (also as Abdul) failed as a Moroccan carpet salesman but passed as a slipper maker. Please state size (XL, XXL or canoe) when ordering. Don't ever give Cathy real gun.

Jims 50thNews 08/09/07 Big Jims 50th View pics
Guests came from as far as England and Portugal to celebrate Jim's half century score, which is quite impressive as he doesn't look a day over 49. We were slightly disappointed that there were no embarrassing baby photos, but I guess paper dosn't last that long without special treatment.

Hong KongNews 26/07/07 Kwari in Hong Kong View pics
Whilst looking for the worlds longest escalator, we found the worlds smallest Beer festival, the July Fest. They couldn't wait till October. Kirky won the hot Tabasco girl burger eating competition and Sam bravely stood up to stiff competition from the Germans and Swiss, shortly before wetting himself. The views are from the excellent Intercontinental Hotel, where we did huge amounts of work (no, really)

40thNews 2/2/07 Simons 40th in Tarifa View pics
You are only 40 once, if you are lucky. So its worth celebrating. 6 months of planning, 2 venue changes, a practice BBQ at Adams house, 3 excellent DJs?, a magnificent cake and about 3kg of chocolate covered strawberries later, we had the perfect party. Just added: Pics from climbing expedition to look for survivors.

SydneyNews 2/2/07 Sydney and Hong Kong Trip 2 View pics
80 hours of travelling, 5 days of meetings, 2 days of sight seeing. Sydney is cool city. We went down a submarine, and up in a helicopter with Eddie and Chris, which was awesome. On the way back, we stopped Hong Kong. It is an amazing place. 7 million people live on an island 14 miles long. There are very few lawn mower shops. At sunset there is a light show on all the skyscrapers.

T  @ CNews 17/6/06 Irena and Karols Wedding, Węgorzewo, North Poland View pics
The stripper at the hen night was the stag! Before the wedding is the blessing, where the parents bless the marriage at home. The wedding went very well, except the photographer had cancelled leaving me with 30 words of polish to stand in - I was more nervous than the bride! The reception was in Omega Stręgielek, a lakeside nature resort where we stayed. When we sat down, a bottle of Vodka was put in front of each person. You wont believe how much was drunk. Poland is a beautiful place, but the toilet paper is a bit harsh.

T  @ CNews 3/6/06 Gib Smir Ralley 06 View pics
On Friday at 1pm 41 craft set sail for Marina Smir in Morocco for the 5th Gibraltar regatta rally thing. It should have been 42 but Chris and Spence had hangovers. We didnt leave till 3pm on Saturday. The crossing was good, we saw many Dolphins, a sun fish, a turtle and some plastic bags. Strategically, we arrived as the BBQ was ready and the prizes were being handed out. Chris got a bottle of fiz for being the last last last boat. Some partying ensued, in which several people had to be carried back to their boats after falling over.

WackyNews 11/3/06 Tarifa Carnival 06 View pics
Pirates were our theme this year, so Steve dressed up as a bear. We started off with dinner at Mason de Foz, followed by cocktails the best cookie and baylies desert at Casa de Cathy & Jim, followed by Cafe Central then Pepopotimus. We stopped briefly outside Mosquito to feel Chenias buttocks, and for Jim to have sex. He kept grabbing my weapon too. Matthew had the biggest hat which is amusing as he also had the biggest hangover. We witnessed a fight, and all because we borrowed a glass from Tribu. Sorry Danny, we wont do it again.

OuchNews 7/11/05 Simon Breaks his foot
In a freak heroic dancing accident, the 5th metatarsal snapped down the middle. Apparently, this injury is common among top athletes. The chances of survival are good. For the next 6 months he cant walk or drive, and will rely on foraging in bins for sustenance. When the bone snapped, I had no experience of what to do with broken bones. Now I can tell you what to do and what not to do. Not to do includes going to St. Bernards Hospital, Gibraltar,
Full story as it unfolds

<--update: new pins! Click for bigger pic (if your stomach can take it)

ScaryNews 1/11/05 Spook Halloween Party III View pics
7 hours of cooking, 9 hours of partying, 4 hours of sleeping, 5 hours of cleaning up. Luckily there was no wind, or there would have been nothing to eat. The Spanish were shocked that there was raw cauliflower for dipping. They have never seen a vegetable in public before. If you want to download the full size originals, give me a shout.
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