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We have just received this unit in our office, bought direct from APC website for 600

It is too loud to use. It is louder than the 5 office computers, and the air-conditioning unit combined.

It has a fan which runs constantly, even when switched off (which according to the APC FAQ is correct), and draws 240mA even if switched off. This unit should only be used in a data center, or very loud office.

We bought it to protect a QNAP TS-639 NAS box, which only supports APC unfortunately. However, the options in the QNAP only allow it to shutdown X minutes after the power fails, not X minutes before the UPS battery will run out, so is unless as we need it to run as long as possible, bit it must be shutdown gracefully before UPS dies. Not possible with this system.

The included single node powerchute software is far inverior to the Belkin UPS bulldog system. The belkin system can be installed on any number of machines, and the single machine actually connected via the USB cable can shutdown all the other machines via network. Nothing like that comes with the APC. Its just one pc, unless you pay extra for the delux version. This is a bit of a rippoff, considering the APC unit costs more than 4x that of the Belkin. The APC unit is easily large enough to support multiple PCs?, but you have to pay extra to get this.

For the extreme price, this unit is poor value. I would strongly recommend using the Belkin 1250 VA tower, its a fraction of the price, network ports, batteries are a fraction of the price, much better software, and is completely quiet The form factor is bad - its slightly too narrow to stand a computer on top of it, but too wide to stand next to it.

The form factor is badly thought out. Its very slightly too narrow to put any of our computers on top of it, but too wide to sit next to one. A partiuclary narrow tower PC would fit on top of it, but then the APC is too tall for both to fit under a desk.


  • Lasts longer than cheaper, quieter units (2 hours with the Qnap TS-639)
  • Arrived on time after ordering (3 days).


  • Very loud (website says 42db at 1m), drowns out all other equipment in quiet office.
  • Fan runs continuously, even when unit is switched off.
  • Draws 240mA when switched off.
  • Draws 270mA when nothing attached.
  • No network connection, means only one NAS device can be connected for auto shutdown.
  • Very expensive replacement batteries compared with competition.
  • Poor software only supports shudown of one machine.
  • Awkward form factor.
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