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Dell Lattitude D600 Review

* RAM: 1Gb (2x512)

  • CPU: Pentium M 1.7
  • SCREEN: 1400x1050 14"
  • GRAPHICS: Mobility Radeon 9000
  • WEIGHT: 2.1Kg
  • DVD: DVD+R 2x
  • Cost: 1800
  • HD: 60Gb (upgraded by dell to 80Gb)
  • DATE PURCHASED: 10/2005

This was the only machine with the above spec at the time. I bought it from Dell with a 3 year next business day waranty (thank god). The machine is fast (unless you use it in a warm room or play games, see problems), and the screen is excellent (see problems). The machine has taken some punishment, being used intensivly for 10 hours a day. The wireless and networking works well, the mouse pointer (trackpad and stick) work well. The sound output is not brilliant, so dont go expecting high fidelity if you output it to a 1000 stereo.

The machine gets hot. It gets really hot. The hard drive bay gets unconfortably hot, but the memory will burn your leg or table. Dell swear blind that this machine has no overheating problems. If you do something CPU intensive, e.g. play Medal Of Honor, it runs for about 30 minutes then over heats. The symptoms of overheating are that the clock speed of the CPU gets slower and slower. once it reaches 200MHz, the machine is not really usable. If you dont shut the machine down and waight an hour, evertually the machine shuts it self down. If you do light work, e.g. just editing word documents, and the office temperature is below 25 degress, you will have no problems. But if you play games or us it in a room over 25 degrees, it will slow down and shut down.

The bluetooth went bananas, finding and not finding itself every few seconds. its a known fault and the motherboard was fixed in a few days.

After one years intensive use, the screen has become exceptionally dim.

The keyboard doesnt have much travel (its a lightweight model), and the keys keep pinging off. It takes a while to get them back on. I type very carefully now.

The HD failed , and was replaced by dell. I lost everthing, and had to reinstall from scratch as the new disk was unformatted.

7/10. If it wasnt for the thing overheating, therefore not being able to play any games on it, it would have got a 9/10.

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Page last modified on November 04, 2005, at 04:53 PM