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At Uni, some 18 years ago, we had mac 128's. The screens were tiny, they crashed all the time but they were great for doing documentation and diagrams for our Unix based coursework. There were PCs? around, but windows 3.1 was horrible and no-one used them. Who remembers Super Paint and the Talking Moose?

Since then I have used PCs? and windows 95, 98, NT 3.5, Windows 2000, NT 4, and finally Windows XP for all office type stuff, as well as software development.

For the last 3.5 years I have been using my trusty Dell Lattitude D600. Most of the chaps in the office, however have macs. Either at home, or in the office. They go on constantly about how good they are.

I really wanted the MacBook?, not the MacBook? pro, as they are a lot cheaper and lighter. However the MacBook? ONLY comes in Glossy screen format, which makes working on them 10 hours a day in a room with windows impossible due to the reflections.

I bought the MacBook? Pro 2.33/120Gb, a case and a spare PSU form the Regent Street Mac Store, after about an hour of agonizing. They didn't give me any discount. I realized later that if I had bought it from any Tottenham Court Road shop, I could have got a significant discount. Bugger.

I got home, fired it up, and went through the installation wizard. I installed a few apps, like skype and Office. The next day, it would not boot. It kernal paniced. The following day I spent about 4 hours on the phone to Apple support, but no joy. In the end I formatted the HD and reinstalled the OS from scratch, but on running the installation wizard, got a kernel panic again always at the point where it asked form the keyboard language.

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