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Phones Used:

  • Sony Ericsson T-28
  • Sony Ericsson T-39
  • Sony Ericsson T-610

PDAs? Used:

  • Psion 3a (broke)
  • Psion 5 (broke)
  • Psion Revo (broke)
  • Palm pliot (the original)

I've had the following PDAs?:

  • Sony Erisson P800
  • O2 XDA

The windows CE advantage.

I though that the psion was the best mobile OS. unill I tried windows CE. Once you have gone Windows CE phone, you will never go back.

  • You carry round your full outlook address book (nearly 1000 entries), outlook emails, outlook tasks and outlook calendar.
  • You get simple versions of word and excel.
  • You can surf the web with windows explorer or with opera.
  • You can do unix work with ssh clients.
  • You can protect your valuable data with a password.
  • You can watch good quality videos (a simpsons episode is about 200Mb)
  • You can stick a 1Gb SDsik? in it.
  • There is a vast amout of cheap or free software out there, e.g. video players, language dictionaries, games.
  • GPRS modem actuall works, although with the cable, not with bluetooth (I have yet to meet anyone who has managed to get this working).

Good points

  • Its tough - I've dropped this sucker many times, and it has not even been scratched.
  • Battery - lasts 3 days if you dont do mutch, 2 if you use it heavily. Charges quickly.
  • USB charger - you can use any usb power source, a computer, a usb power adapter or car adpapter etc.
  • Small. Its much smaller than the XDA, XDA II and XDA IIs?. I always carry mine in my pocket.


  • It crashes occasionaly, approx. once every two weeks. Always in the same way, when the phone is in standby, and you try and use it or recieve a call, the password entry screen gets mixed up and you cant get into the phone without resetting it. luckily, you can still recieve calls while "crashed". It crashes more than the XDA, and less than the XDA IIs?. I have never needed to do a hard reset, so have never lost my data or settings.

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Page last modified on November 13, 2005, at 09:24 PM