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They provide PPTP and OpenVPN VPN to UK for 5 a month, no minimum contract. I could find no reviews of their site or products before signing up, so I was half expecting it to be a virus site.

They turn out to have very good support - tickets are answered knowledgeably same day.

The installation instructions were a bit hard to find, they are under knowledge base in the client area.

I setup pptp on the windows XP (instructions for 7 and OSX), and it worked first time. However, the big downside is that it puts ALL your traffic through this VPN, not just the UK traffic (or iPlayer traffic). Don't do anything else with your PC while the VPN is active.

I was planning to seutp the VPN on my router, so I could watch iPlayer on my TV via the iPlayer on the Sony PS3. However, it was not possible to setup pptp or IPSec with StreamVia and my Draytek 2600 router. The router does not support static RFC1918 L3 address allocation, and my router cant do dynamic. The PS3 has no VPN software (thanks Sony). So no way to watch UK TV on the TV, only on a PC (which is ok if you want to attach your PC to your TV).

Using the iPlayer on a fast PC with a very fast ADS connection from Spain, the iPlayer viewing quality is not good. The resolution is pretty poor, and every 20s or so pauses for a few seconds. I dont know if these pauses are due to the VPN, BBC or my local connection. The low resolution is a limitation of the iPlayer/BBC streaming.

They dont offer Proxy services, and I believe that the iPlayer doesn't work with a proxy solution anyway.


StreamVia is not a bad system, but due to the limitations of routers, PS3 and the providers streaming quality, I'm going to be giving up this service and sticking to old fashioned DVD's.

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