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I took a gamble on the WD3200ME passport external drive having the WD Scorpio WD3200BEVT inside it, and the case being openable. The good news, It is and it is! And the whole thing only cost 89 from PC City in Spain. (including VAT!)

So if you want to put a fast big HD in your macbook or macbook pro this is the way to go. you get a SATA cady, and the fastest 320GB 2.5" 9.5mm 5400rpm drive for less than the bare drive costs.

To open the passport without wrecking it do the following

  1. imagine the drive is like a book. The main plastic is one piece, the "cover" and the "spine" in one. kind of like a taco shell. The rest fits into this, like the pages in a book, or the taco filling.
  2. Dont try and leaver the book cover open.
  3. use a very small flat screwdriver to gently price appart the corers of the "paper" part where it joins the book spine then slide it out. Like sliding the filling out of a taco.
  4. the drive then pops out of the "paper" wad part, and is screwed into a metal base.

Good luck putting the drive into your macbook pro! Im going to get my local (2 hours drive away) Mac repair place to do it for 40 quid. That way it keeps the crap 3 year extended warranty.

The drive comes with some windows only SW. Great.

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Page last modified on June 03, 2008, at 01:22 AM